Hi Intensity PEMF is ideal for people who may be experiencing pain or inflammation, who want more energy and vital life force. For people who want the best product for their busy lifestyle and optimal health.  For people who want overall wellbeing, longevity, protection against athletic injuries, improved athletic performance and recovery.  And for people who want to dramatically improve their ENERGY level. HUGO™ High Intensity PEMF is ideal for the busy high-powered individual, elite or professional athlete or clinician.  High Intensity PEMF is not contraindicated for those with titanium structures such as hip and knee replacements.

High Intensity PEMF is not recommended for people with the following conditions: pregnancy, organ transplant recipients, those with non-MRI safe IUDs, those with pacemakers, hearing aids, or other electronic implants/devices, or people with bleeding disorders. High Intensity PEMF is also contraindicated for those with stents, bypass grafting and medical ports. Breast Implants: It is not recommended to use the Mat or Accessories over or on the chest area as there is a risk of agitating the synthetic materials and a risk of leakage.  On the other hand, breast implants are often associated with significant inflammation with adhesion formation.  In this case, PEMF’s could be quite helpful, but it is best to avoid prolonged exposures.  If a person would like to go ahead with a session anyway, it is at their own risk and they should use the lowest possible intensity setting for a maxim of 3 minutes for a full body session.

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