HUGO™ High Intensity PEMF

3 Reasons Why HUGO™ Is the Best Choice!

Three reasons why HUGO™ nano-second spark gap Pulsed Electromagnetic Field device is best PEMF choice:
  1. Our unique design offers the World’s Only Dual Full Body Mats – working from above and below the body simultaneously
  2. Saves time for busy professionals
  3. Highly effective and reliable

Our toxic world can be overwhelming, but with the use of the HUGO™, OUR BODY’S NATURAL HEALING SYSTEM is reenergized, rejuvenated and restored to optimal function allowing us to become reacquainted with our body’s own healing system.  Allowing us to give back to our own body’s healing system what the accumulated toxic load has depleted.


To see how The HUGO can revolutionize your practice, just give us a call.  Or schedule a call at your convenience if you’d rather.

Why Tony Robbins Loves His HUGO™

And just how important his "Electric Taco" is to him and his business!

Inside Tony Robbins Fiji Home to Demonstrate HUGO™

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